At The Mix, we’ve consciously built a team that includes under-heard voices and experiences. If you want to learn something new, start talking to the people who aren’t listened to.


We’re diverse, divergent and open to learning more about the world as it is - not how we think it might be.









This is how we work:
1.Follow your nose.
2.Take the steps you need.
3.Get the proof and sell in.

Does this sound like you? Whether or not you’ve got a background in market research, strategy or creative and you like what you see, we’d love to hear from you.



London is a hub of advertising, design and marketing talent, but it’s hard to get started in the industry if you haven’t been to uni or your family hasn’t ever worked ‘in creative’.

We make it our business to nurture new talent, find underheard voices and meet brilliant people who don’t have opportunities laid out on a silver platter.

To do this, we partner with Brixton Finishing School and Creative Lives in Progress to open up the doors to new talent, keep learning what other agencies aren’t interested about and bring diverse voices to the table.



of marketers are white males.

*Data & Marketing Industry Diversity Report - dma.org.uk


of ethnic minority researchers believe they are treated fairly and have the same opportunities as other colleagues.

*MRS 2020 Progress Report - mrs.org.uk


Companies in the top-quarter for diversity outperform those in the bottom fourth.

*Diversity wins: How inclusion matters - mckinsey.com



Our clients are global, cross-sector, innovative, courageous and willing to go out on a limb to make something properly brilliant. We’re scaling fast, and we love to hear from smart, open-minded and dynamic people.

If you love doing first and asking for forgiveness later, think tactically and love trying something that’s never been done before, drop us your CV, your LinkedIn and/or your portfolio. Let us know why you think The Mix is the place for you to grow your career, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

We know that imposter syndrome is real. Women and People of Colour can find it more challenging to apply for senior or leadership roles. If you’re looking at one of our vacancies and think you’re even half-way there skills or background-wise, apply.


We’re a bunch of diverse, committed, enthusiastic and hardworking people who love taking risks, learning how mad every person is and finding something unexpected.

We want our people to feel supported and encouraged to grow. Not just in their careers but in all areas of life. We offer 1-2-1 workplace coaching to help everyone benefit from potentially life-changing chats. We work a four-day week and support the whole team with specialist training and a whole host of wellbeing perks because we know that brilliant results come from creative, rested teams.


Bilal Zayn
Junior Insight

Bilal Zayn, Junior Insight, previously worked with Bulletproof. Learning strategy through the medium of market research helps Bilal to find creative solutions to complex questions. Learning how to find the powerful voice of the consumer, Bilal is combining his strategic and insight skills to deliver bold projects.

Bilal joins Jumu'ah at his local mosque on Fridays, before putting his interviewing or photography skills to practice, researching the arts, writing poetry, or continuing his study of Islam.


Bessie Pike
Senior Insight &
Innovation Manager

Bessie Pike, Senior Insight and Innovation Manager, previously worked with Walnut Unlimited. Delivering insight projects in real-life spaces, Bessie’s most enjoyable projects shine a light on vibrant, exciting and fun people, spaces and places. Learning about the importance of boredom on creativity has helped Bessie to tap into her creative flow.

Training for her black belt in MMA kickboxing, Bessie uses her Fridays to perfect her practice.


Kay Hollingsworth
Lead Strategist

Kay Hollingsworth, Lead Strategist, loves the clarity and power of a compelling one-word strategy. Working on challenging projects that create genuine impact, Kay loves giving her clients their next clear and actionable steps.

As well as being a dynamic and direct strategist, Kay is an artist, so her Fridays are mostly focussed on running her business, taking commissions, and creating art.


Tash Walker
Partner and Founder

Tash Walker, Partner and Founder, previously worked at Futurebrand and BrandMe. Tash’s favourite pitch was asking a bunch of C-Suite marketeers to trust the team, blindfolding them and creating a tent around them in 30 seconds before asking them to climb under the table and pretend to be 5 years old. They won the pitch.

Usually Fridays are about quality time with her daughter, but when she has time and it’s January, Tash makes marmalade.


Jamal Malik

Jamal Malik, Strategist, knows that everyone has a worthwhile story to tell. Facilitating workshops and helping people to feel comfortable enough to share insightful conversations, Jamal loves learning people’s quirks. The granular work of conducting, analysing, and strategising helps Jamal to create a branded world where our work can live and impact decisions.

Being a musician is also a huge part of Jamal’s life, so on Fridays (and most evenings) he’s recording and producing his own music.


Sophie Meadows
Lead Strategist

Sophie Meadows, Lead Strategist, joined us from BBDO. Workwise, Sophie most values speaking first-hand with people to find a consumer-centric solution to a business problem. Collaborating across teams on complex projects, Sophie’s most ambitious projects are global, urgent and business-lead.

Non-work wise, Sophie spends her Fridays in the London Library, writing and researching her historical fiction novel.


Sam Lipscomb
Partner and Head of Insight and Innovation

Sam Lipscomb, Partner and Head of Insight and Innovation, has worked in the industry for 10 years, spending time at Tonic and BAMM. Sam thinks that every project is an exciting challenge - it’s an opportunity to remind clients about what it’s like to be a human. A good debrief should involve tears and laughter.

A creative extension of his curiosity about people, Sam is an aspiring documentary photographer. The reality of a Friday, though, involves elaborate photoshoots with his cat.


Monica Kolesnik
Lead Project Manager

Monica Kolesnik, Project Manager, has experience at ALL Creative Design Agency and Oxford House Community & Arts Centre. Learning about the cultural nuances of brand perception across a pan-African drinks campaign has highlighted that people are consistently surprising.

Looking for a dose of adrenaline and green spaces, Monica’s Fridays are about a long run around East London. When there’s energy left, she might head to a gallery for some inspiration and pause.


Jocel Macaraeg

Jocel Macaraeg, Creative, values the sharing of information, open communication across the business and learning cross-discipline to sources and information she wouldn't have found before. Working on both digital and analogue projects, Jocel is enjoying seeing her ideas become reality.

On Fridays, you’ll normally find Jocel in the back of a cafe trying to scramble her brains around a crochet pattern, or searching for coffee and cake in a randomly chosen northern market town.


Oscar Mason
Junior Insight

Oscar Mason, Junior Insight. Before coming to The Mix, Oscar was at Crack Magazine, where he found his interest in different cultures, tribes, people and creativity. Keeping his curiosity alive, Oscar loves seeing people’s habits, how our experiences shape us and how this impacts our loves (and hates) of brands.

Fridays are busy for Oscar - digging in crates of vinyl, rummaging in his granddad’s loft, bouldering or falling off his skateboard.


Amy Wolstenholme

Amy Wolstenholme, Strategist, joined us fresh from an internship at OMD UK. Starting with her APG training, Amy has worked on campaigns over EMEA and US/Asia, and loves meeting research participants, listening to their stories and bringing those passions to the client to inform their next steps.

Looking for more people who have amazing questions, Amy volunteers at Dulwich Picture Gallery on Fridays, talking about art with school children.


Maria Ferres
Partner and Head of 
Global Operations

Maria Ferres, Head of Global Ops, has lived and worked in Sāo Paulo, Amsterdam and London. She brings her language skills and backgrounds in psychology, research and strategy to The Mix. Maria knows that great work doesn’t need to come at the cost of mental health or fun - amazing things are achieved in 4 day weeks when we focus on efficiency, clarity and looking after our people.

On her Fridays, Maria enjoys some quiet - practising yoga, going to the cinema and lots of walking.


Stephen Duffy
Partner and Creative Director

Partner and Creative Director, and employee number one. Stephen comes into his own embracing risk, planning something outlandish and cracking on into the foggy unknown. Leading international, cross-cultural events and delivering results in a matter of days, Stephen delves in and trusts that everything (usually) falls into place.

Stephen keeps it calm on Fridays - playing guitar, solo rounds of golf, record shopping, digging through new releases on Spotify and planning fantasy football transfers.


Tom Richer
Junior Insight

Tom Richer, Junior Insight Strategist, whose favourite practice is learning new methodologies to produce the best insights from qual data. With experience from Twenty First Century Brand, Tom’s a big fan of crunching data, listening to consumers and the honesty of the work at The Mix.

Tom’s a skateboarder, so on Fridays he’s throwing tricks before volunteering at The Bridge, helping neurodiverse kids access creativity.


Meg Dobson
Junior Insight

Meg Dobson, Junior Insight, joined us as a fresh graduate. She’s learned to never assume, and how much credible insight you can gain from consumers. Her quick start in shadowing strategists and sitting in on client calls has given Meg a running start.

Meg’s Fridays start with a lie-in, before going on to the Barbican for an afternoon concert.


Anesu Hwenga
Operations and Project
Management Intern

Anesu Hwenga, Operations and Project Management Intern, loves that no question is irrelevant at The Mix. Learning how an agency works, having multiple sessions with the Ops team and working directly on client projects, Anesu has most enjoyed deep diving into international multi-market projects.

Anesu always plans to have a chill Friday, until her friends convince her otherwise.


Gemma Mitchell
Partner and Managing Director

Gemma Mitchell, Partner and Managing Director, came to The Mix from a career in film production, cinematic events and graphic design. Getting people to sit up and listen to other peoples’ voices has been her bag for decades. Gemma’s seen that only brave marketeers really listen to their customers and allow their echo chamber to be challenged.

Swimming, visiting a gallery, a lunch-date with her partner, enjoying cinema or reading, Fridays are busy-quiet for Gemma.


Joe Glenister
Midweight Creative

Joe Glenister, Midweight Creative, with previous experience at Analogfolk, Topshop, and a Brewery. Taking his first leadership role at The Mix, Joe is learning about the power of collaboration to deliver top-drawer work. Learning how much you can learn about people, without them knowing, is one of the hidden surprises of market research.

Joe is using his Fridays to re-start his guitar lessons and eat amazing meals.


Astrid Kitchen

Astrid Kitchen, Strategist, came to us via One Minute to Midnight, Impact.com, ICA and Silverfish Films. Looking beyond people’s words and considering their behaviour and cultural context allows Astrid to get to the heart of understanding people and how they are currently experiencing the world.

Following her feet (and her podcast queue) on long-distance runs, Astrid keeps her Fridays plan-free.


Phoebe Kavanagh
Project Manager

Phoebe Kavanagh, Project Manager, Phoebe’s most enjoyable projects have been creating experiences and spaces for participants to feel like they are experiencing an occasion and not just participating in market research - and seeing how that affects the quality of the research delivered for the client.

On Fridays, Phoebe tries to be outside as much as possible, walking or running and generally taking quiet time for herself.


Michael Martin
Lead Data Strategist

Michael Martin is a Lead Data Strategist, and joined us from Fremantle Media. Michael continues to learn the unlimited potential of client first-party and owned data to drive projects.

On Fridays, it’s “Daddy day” for Michael (his daughter named it, we’re not that cute).


Megan Williams
Film & Motion Designer

Megan Williams, Film and Motion Designer with experience at the London Asian Film Festival, and came to us from Barbour. Filming and editing live events has allowed Megan to work first-hand with respondents, making her excited for more in-person events. She thinks that the ‘calculated-risk mindset’ of The Mix helps us to grow projects and alllows room for great things!

On Fridays, Megan continues her long love affairs with tennis and baking.


Maryann Davis
Digital Research Manager

Maryann Davis, Digital Research Manager, previously at Cyden and … The Mix! Moderating with diverse people in different markets, exploring new ways to uncover the most relevant insights out of groups of people, Maryann loves projects about pets the most: people are open, honest, transparent and really funny, providing amazing content to play with.

Toddler classes, farm trips, forest schools and playdates, Friday is all about the kids for Maryann.


Ellie Harrison
Lead Data Strategist

Ellie Harrison, Lead Data Strategist, loves using research to help clients get to the heart of consumer behaviour. Coming to us from System1/Brainjuicer, Ellie’s a master at driving into quant and qual to deliver beyond data and quotes to uncover what the client needs to know next.

On her free Fridays, Ellie runs, bakes cakes or paints.


Priya Sivaraman
Director of Data Strategy

Priya Sivaraman, Director of Data Strategy, came to us from Unilever and Nestle. Breaking preconceived notions about audiences, Priya loves bringing genuinely new and challenging insights to clients. Working collaboratively and being ready to jump in, the team’s flexibility to deliver exceptional work helps drive Priya’s practice.

Priya’s a brilliant cook, so on Fridays she experiments with elaborate recipes.


Marianne Long
Lead Strategist

Marianne Long, Lead Strategist, with experience from the LEGO group and Montreal PR agency EGS. Connecting the dots between what people are saying they do and what they actually do helps us to see what makes people unique. Being curious and putting the human at the centre of our practice helps Marianne to uncover valuable insights and create strong strategies that answer real consumer needs.

Being new to London, Marianne uses her free Fridays to explore the city and meet new people.


Helen Fleming
Senior Strategist

Helen Fleming, Senior Strategist, previously stretched her muscles at Adam&EveDDB, M&C Saatchi, Samsung/Cheil and Campfire. For Helen, going beyond the facts and unpicking tensions and motivations with client-side, cross-sector, world-class marketeers and experts is her every-day work-dream come true.

It’s all about the kids on Fridays - school run, then a long run, and a day for Helen to be a mum.


Emma Dugmore
Senior Project Manager

Emma Dugmore, Senior Project Manager, came to us from C Space. Emma enjoys owning the process of running projects, whether they’re luxury hospitality, food and drink or cars, and understanding what makes each project come alive and deliver beyond what the client imagined was possible.

On her Fridays, Emma enjoys long dog walks and lazy pub lunches with her mum.


Carla Carvalhosa
Insight Intern

Carla Carvalhosa, Insight Intern, has a background in Anthropology and has experience volunteering on youth projects supporting children in disadvantaged areas. Having recently joined The Mix, she's interested in the process of uncovering useful commercial insights and creative strategies from volumes of data, valuing the opportunity for continuous learning and gaining new skills.

Carla's Fridays are either incredibly productive and social, or otherwise just spent chilling in bed binge-watching series on Netflix!


Andres Villa

Andres Villa, Strategist, has come to The Mix via Kitchen 8, Mediacom, Havas Paris, Wunderman Thompson, TBWA and Publicis. Driven by authenticity and a deep passion for learning, he loves to solve challenges that involve complex information using creativity as his weapon of choice.

On Fridays, Andres is always up to countless adventures with Nino, his Pomeranian dog.


Sara Wegrzyniak
Junior Project Manager

Sara Wegrzyniak, Junior Project Manager, used to make life sweet for Alitalia’s VIP passengers; at The Mix, she project manages complex, high-end, multinational projects. Sara loves the close-knit team, and being welcomed as an active member from day one.

Sara is growing her personal brand, so on Fridays, she’s creating video and social content and researching social media strategy.

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